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Lindblad secures weekend victory in wet-dry thriller

Arvid Lindblad claimed his fourth victory of the season in an exciting Formula 3 race at Silverstone in changeable conditions.

In mixed conditions, with each lap seeing the track alternate between dry and wet, the Prema driver reaped the rewards of his perseverance on the slick tyres he fitted at the top of the warm-up lap.

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After beating drivers who opted for rain tyres, including polesitter Luke Browning, Lindblad moved as much as second after which inherited victory when Callum Voisin (Rodin) was given a post-race penalty.

Rain before the beginning forced all but Rodin pair Callum Voisin and Piotr Wiśnicki to alter to wet tyres for the formation lap, although several drivers, including Prema trio Lindblad, Gabriele Mini and Dino Beganovic, immediately switched to slicks.

Pole sitter Luke Browning continued to run on wet tyres, his performance alternating between sensible and terrible lap after lap because the showers got here and went.

Starting from eighth, Voisin took the lead following a brief safety automobile intervention on lap two, but one other break, when Sophia Floersch (Van Amersfoort Racing) crashed out to avoid an uncontrolled comeback by Alex Dunne (MP Motorsport), brought back the rain and turned the situation the wrong way up.

For his part within the aforementioned incident, Dunne has been placed 10 places down the grid for the following race he’ll participate in – a penalty he’ll suffer within the sprint in Hungary.

Voisin – who now had a 10-second penalty for going off course – Lindblad and the Mini ended up in the back of the sector, with Browning taking a commanding lead.

The race was again quickly interrupted when Dunne and Sebastian Montoya (Campos) had a serious accident, avoiding a collision after AIX driver Joshua Dufek spun at Stowe.

With drizzle still falling, the emerging dry line modified the image again and Voisin moved from twenty second to the lead in only two laps, ending the climb with an attack on Browning at Chapel. However, Voisin's penalty meant that Lindblad and Mini became the de facto top two as they each passed Browning shortly afterwards.

Voisin passed Lindblad and Mini, but dropped to 3rd place because of this of his penalty.

Mini now takes the lead in the general standings with a six-point advantage over Lindblad, who in turn has a one-point advantage over Browning, who finished eighth.

Voisin moved as much as sixteenth after scoring his first points of the season in Saturday’s sprint race.

Race results:


A. Lindblad According to Powerteam

3 20

G. Minì According to Powerteam

2 20 0.800

C. Neighbor Rodin Motorsport

29 20 8,400

T. Smith Van Amersfoort Racing

22 20 10,300

P. Wisnicki Rodin Motorsport

thirty 20 22,700

O. Goethe Campos Races

10 20 3,800

L. Fornaroli Trident

4 20 14,400

L. Browneng Hitech Pulse-Eight

14 20 2,800

N. Bedrina PHM AIX Racing

27 20 2.200

N. Leon Van Amersfoort Racing

20 20 2,700

L. Van ART Grand Prix

24 20 4,900

S. Meguetounif Trident

5 20 0.400

C. Mansell ART Grand Prix

23 20 0.200

T. Tramnitz MP Motorsport

7 20 2,900

N. Colov ART Grand Prix

25 20 0.300

S. Ramos Trident

6 20 3.400

K. Art MP Motorsport

8 20 1.200

M.Esterson Jenzer Motorsport

18 20 2.200

D. Beganovic According to Powerteam

1 20 2,400

J. Wharton Hitech Pulse-Eight

15 20 3,700

T.Inthrapuvasak PHM AIX Racing

26 20 2.000

M. Zagazeta Jenzer Motorsport

19 20 2.200

M.Dye Campos Races

12 20 2.300

J. Locke Rodin Motorsport

31 19
don’t move

C. Root Jenzer Motorsport

17 15 Pension
don’t move

J. Dufka PHM AIX Racing

28 8 Accident
don’t move Columbia S. Montoya Campos Races 11 7 Accident
don’t move

A. Dunne MP Motorsport

9 7 Accident
don’t move Germany S. Flörsch Van Amersfoort Racing 21 3 Accident
don’t move

C. Shields Hitech Pulse-Eight

16 18 Pension

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