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Red Bull introduces updated F1 floor for British Grand Prix

Red Bull has launched an updated version of the Formula 1 British Grand Prix because it looks to fend off the growing threat from rivals Mercedes and McLaren.

The Milton Keynes side began the season in dominant fashion but have seen their advantage shrink in recent weeks as their rivals have made improvements of their very own.

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Ahead of this weekend's race at Silverstone, Red Bull has notified the FIA ​​of two significant changes it has made to the automobile's floorpan to enhance its performance.

The team said it has reprofiled the ground area above and behind the downtube of the side structure.

The statement said the change was made “based on research and comparison with full-scale results to achieve more energy and therefore greater pressure at the wing floor edge.”

In addition to changes to the ground surface, Red Bull has also reprofiled the sting wing, introducing latest details.

Red Bull added: “Given the higher inlet side pressure, the wing edge details have been subtly changed to increase camber, which translates into higher loading while maintaining the need for flow stability.”

While Red Bull is hoping for an improvement in results, its major rivals will not be resting on their laurels. Mercedes and McLaren will bring improved wings to the British GP.

Technical details of the McLaren MCL38

Technical details of the McLaren MCL38

Photo taken by: Giorgio Piola

Mercedes has fitted a lower downforce rear spoiler which should improve aerodynamic efficiency during high-speed passes over the Silverstone circuit.

As such, the front wing flap has also been trimmed, with a smaller chord to assist reduce load. This will help be certain that if the brand new rear wing is used, the aerodynamic balance across the automobile remains to be within the optimum window.

McLaren has also introduced a lower-downforce rear wing to cut back drag. It can be experimenting with three different load-beam wings – targeting high, medium and low drag aerodynamic loads – to optimise downforce/drag levels on the rear of the automobile for optimum performance.

The Woking-based team also introduced latest bodywork, featuring a further cooling vent within the engine cover to extend airflow.

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