Sunday, July 14, 2024


Gran Turismo's Predict the Winners campaign returns for the 2024 World Series

Viewers tuning in to Gran Turismo World Series live streams in 2024 can have the chance to win in-game prizes for the third yr in a row, starting with next month’s event in Montreal.

The special promotion will return in a well-known format, bringing each the “Taxes to Viewers” campaign and the “Pick the Winners” campaign to the Montreal event in what appears to be a repeat of the 2023 version.

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This implies that when you participated in last yr's campaigns, you need to know what to anticipate from two different promotions, one in all which is barely more involved than the opposite.

We're pretty sure you'll have the opportunity to guess what the Predict the Winners contest is anyway. You can have to make use of your prediction skills and guess which driver will win in each of two competitions: the Nations Cup and the Manufacturers' Cup.

In each case, there are 12 drivers to select from, including the 12 best competitors from world wide qualified for the Nations Cup and (with one exception as a consequence of visa issues) the very best competitors from the Americas for the highest 12 brands within the Manufacturers' Cup.

To make a selection, go to a special tab on the web site Gran Turismo 7 and choose a driver from each event. However, you don't need to do that immediately, as you’ll be able to make your selection as much as the beginning of the last race in each event. These shall be the 30-lap Interlagos race in Gr.3 cars for manufacturers and the 35-lap Road Atlanta race in 2019 X cars for nations, so select correctly.

For each correct selection, you’ll receive 1,000,000 cr, which shall be given as a present ticket to your in-game garage on Monday, July 8. This implies that a maximum of two,000,000 cr shall be available in Montreal – and we assume that similar promotions will proceed into Prague, Tokyo and the ultimate.

Additionally, rewards can be found for simply joining the event via an in-game tile as a part of the Viewer Gifts campaign. To do that, simply click “Watch the broadcast” in a special section Gran Turismo 7 and – no matter whether you watch any of them or not – you’ll receive rewards.

In fact, you'll have a bit more time to accomplish that, as anyone who clicks on it any time before 00:59 UTC on Tuesday, July 16 will receive the rewards. However, only players who watch the event before July 8 will receive rewards on the Monday after the event; those that watch later can have to attend longer.

Those who watch the Manufacturers' Cup broadcast will receive a rare and worthwhile Six Star Roulette (Car) ticket, while a daily Six Star Roulette ticket can also be available to observe the Nations Cup broadcast.

Live broadcasts from Montreal begin at 21:00 UTC and 23:30 UTC on Saturday, July 6, respectively.

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