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Lindblad boosts title hopes with victory in breakthrough race

Arvid Lindblad became Formula 3's first multiple winner this season, recording a snug victory by 4 seconds from Christian Mansell as the present F3 era marks a century of racing.

After winning the season-opening sprint race in Bahrain, Lindblad in Spain moved into the lead, moving as much as fourth within the standings, just 13 points behind recent leader Leonardo Fornaroli.

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Starting from pole position in F3 for the primary time, Mansell took a textbook lead into the primary corner with no significant challenge from the rear. However, after extending his result in over a second in the course of the first round, Lindblad quickly returned to the race and located himself inside DRS range of the ART driver, along with his first breakout coming on the fourth lap.

Compared to the early a part of the weekend, temperatures were much cooler on Sunday, with significant cloud cover and a 20% likelihood of precipitation. Already on the second lap, the primary reports of drops appearing on the visors began to reach.

With Mansell's gearbox locked, Lindblad wasted no time in making a move to take the lead, using DRS to force his way inside into Turn 1 on lap five.

At the identical time, Luke Browning (Hitech) overtook Nikola Tsolov's ART and took third place.

Gabriele Mini arrived in Spain because the championship leader after winning the feature race in Monaco, but his disastrous weekend in Barcelona continued when he reported something loose was bouncing around in his cockpit while lapping 14th. Such was the Italian's struggle that he ultimately finished twenty first.

On lap 11 of 25, Hitech began to suggest to Browning that he should attack Mansell if the tires allowed it, stating that the Australian was “just slow” – Lindblad now has a 1.6s advantage within the lead.

There was a twist on lap 15, with the timing screen showing that conditions were officially wet, with Mansell commenting on the rain, particularly in the ultimate sector.

Browning's challenge to Mansell was never really taken up as he lost two seconds to the ART driver. Instead, Browning was forced to cope with the threat from behind as Leonardo Fornaroli, who had overtaken Tsolov in fourth, finished inside half a second on lap 22 with a major advantage on the pace.

After a preview of what was to return on the penultimate lap, Fornaroli moved into third place on the Browning and entered Turn 1 on the ultimate lap, passing side-by-side through the chicane before completing the maneuver into Turn 3.

With the tires falling off the cliff, Browning also remained behind Oliver Goethe and finished fifth, and the now heavy rain didn’t help his pace.

After this late motion, Fornaroli took the championship lead with 84 points, with Browning ending second behind Mini and Lindblad.


A. Lindblad According to Powerteam

3 25 25

C. Mansell Grand Prix of ART

23 25 4,400 18 2

L. Fornaroli Trident

4 25 1,200 15

O. Goethe Campos Racing

10 25 0.800 12

L. Browning Hitech Pulse-Osemka

14 25 0.900 10 1

N. Tsolov Grand Prix of ART

25 25 3,300 8

A. Dunne MP Motorsport

9 25 0.300 6

M. Dye Campos Racing

12 25 0.900 4

D. Beganovic According to Powerteam

1 25 1,600 2

N. Leon Van Amersfoort Racing

20 25 0.700 1

S. Ramos Trident

6 25 0.500

T. Tramnitz MP Motorsport

7 25 1,300
13 Columbia S. Montoya Campos Racing 11 25 4,500

C. Root Jenzer Motorsport

17 25 0.700

S. Meguetounif Trident

5 25 1,300

C. Neighbor Rodina Motorsports

29 25 0.700

J. Dufka PHM AIX Racing

28 25 1.100
18 Germany S. Flörsch Van Amersfoort Racing 21 25 1,600

M. Zagazeta Jenzer Motorsport

19 25 1,600

C. Shields Hitech Pulse-Osemka

16 25 6,000

G. Minì According to Powerteam

2 25 0.900

J. Locke Rodina Motorsports

31 25 3,000

M. Esterson Jenzer Motorsport

18 25 1,000

P. Wiśnicki Rodina Motorsports

thirty 25 0.600

T. Smith Van Amersfoort Racing

22 25 0.600

T. Inthrapuvasak PHM AIX Racing

26 25 1.100

M. Stenshorne Hitech Pulse-Osemka

15 25 0.700

K. Art MP Motorsport

8 25 6,200

L.Van Grand Prix of ART

24 24 Pension

N. Bedrin PHM AIX Racing

27 22 Pension

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