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Gran Turismo 7 Daily Races: Spring Break

An unusual-looking week greets players with the most recent set Gran Turismo 7 Daily racing is dominated by road cars and rallies are back.

After debuting in update 1.48 a number of weeks ago, Volvo makes its first appearance in Daily Races, making a U-turn in Race A. For this one-make race you'll need a V40 R-Design, which you’ll be able to borrow for the event if you happen to don't feel like spending the required $40 000 cr.

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This can even prevent us from having to purchase Dirt Tires because the race will take us to the dirt track in Colorado Springs. It's a four-lap race on a bumpy dirt track – be careful for particularly violent humps on either side of a quick climb – for a front-wheel-drive Volvo.

As usual, the race doesn't affect your driver rating, no matter how well or badly you do, but sports rating updates are still lively. This seems odd given the character of the course and the near inevitability of contact, so if you happen to value your SR, it might be price looking elsewhere this week.

Additionally, there’s a typical A “False Start Check” race at the beginning. You must hold your automotive on the brake or handbrake from the moment the last start light comes on until everyone turns off to begin the race. Any forward movement during this era causes a temporary, immediate lack of power for a number of moments, which may have consequences because the network behind you accelerates.

Race C can also be a road automotive event this week because the sibling rivalry takes place over seven laps of the Autopolis International Racing Course.

For this event, which ought to be a straight sprint, you'll need one in all the second-generation “Toyobaru” twins, either the '21 Subaru BRZ S or the '21 Toyota GR86. This is since the cars will use Sports Hard tires and the tire degradation and fuel consumption rates are set to a typical value of 1x.

Unusually for Race C, there is no such thing as a mandatory pit stop requirement and the beginning is ready to a grid start with false start control, identical to Race A. There can also be no access to vehicle settings, so this one hits the spot .

This leaves the B race for racing enthusiasts, although this one is, as usual, a sprint race. It's five laps across the Laguna Seca track for Gr.4 vehicles.

For probably the most part, this looks like a single-brand event, as on the time of writing, 80% of the highest 100 exercise times on this planet – including all ten – were using the Genesis G70 Gr.4. Of course, that doesn't mean other cars don't have a probability, but you'll almost certainly need the G70 if you ought to finish well.

Whichever automotive you select, it’s going to should be equipped with Racing Hard tires. As we now have seen in recent race automotive events, there’s the mildest tuning available through brake balancing. All other settings remain locked.

To access Daily Races, you should unlock Sport Mode by completing Menu Book 9 (“Championships: Tokyo Highway Parade”) within the GT Cafe single-player hub. A PlayStation Plus subscription is required to participate.

WITH GT7Daily Races update every Monday in the sport's history thus far, the subsequent recent set should arrive on Monday, June 24.

Gran Turismo 7 Daily Races June 17: Race A

  • Path: Colorado Springs, 4 laps
  • Car: Volvo V40 T5 R-Design '13 – Garage/Specific Car
  • Power/Weight/PP Limit: BOP (L)
  • Tires: Dirt
  • Settings: Specified
  • Start type: Network startup with false start control
  • Mandatory pit stop: 0
  • Fuel consumption: Off
  • Tire applications: Off

Gran Turismo 7 Daily Races June 17: Race B

  • Path: WeatherTech Laguna Seca Race Track, 5 laps
  • Car: Gr.4 – Garage/specific automotive
  • Power/Weight/PP Limit: BOP (L)
  • Tires: Fierce prosecution
  • Settings: Partially allowed – brake balance
  • Start type: Roller start
  • Mandatory pit stop: 0
  • Fuel consumption: 1x
  • Tire applications: 1x

Gran Turismo 7 Daily Races June 17: Race C

  • Path: Autopolis International, 7 laps
  • Car: '21 Subaru BRZ/'21 Toyota GR86 – Garage/Specific Car
  • Power/Weight/PP Limit: BOP (M)
  • Tires: Tough sport
  • Settings: Specified
  • Start type: Network startup with false start control
  • Mandatory pit stop: 0
  • Fuel consumption: 1x
  • Tire applications: 1x

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