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Tsolov takes his first victory within the disrupted sprint race

The ART driver was rarely at risk as teammate Laurens van Hoepen dropped to 3rd on the grid behind Tim Tramnitz and was unable to regain position despite his German rival's lack of pace.

Remarkably, Tsolov's success means there has yet to be a repeat winner in F3 this season, with seven different drivers taking the highest step of the rostrum.

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After a typical start in Monaco by which seven drivers – Sophia Floersch, Tommy Smith, Kacper Sztuka, Charlie Wurz, Martinius Stenshoorne, Cian Shields and Piotr Wiśnicki – recorded track violations at Sainte Devote, the one real motion of the day got here in the primary heat through Casino Square.

The initiators were Christian Mansell and Arvid Lindblad, the latter appearing to haven’t any sight of the automobile outside as he swerved wide to take the traditional racing line into the fitting side of the complex.

As a results of the contact, Lindblad turned his back and Joshua Dufek, Alex Dunne and Shields were drawn into the melee. All five drivers retired on the spot and initial contact between Lindblad and Mansell can be the topic of a post-race investigation.

In an try to avoid Sami Meguetounif, he luckily managed to flee after contact with Wiśnicki briefly knocked him onto two wheels.

Initially covered by the protection automobile, red flags were quickly raised and a few cars stuck together. Dunne and Mansell's cars were so difficult that they were brushed off while still connected to the gearbox on the front.

Luke Browning's strong start went unnoticed as he made two daring moves outside of Lindblad in Sainte Devote and Leonardo Fornaroli, the motive force to whom he lost the championship lead at Imola in Massenet.

After a half-hour delay, Tsolov took the lead upon the restart and quickly gained a bonus over Tramnitz, who was caught napping after an early surge.

As the race was a typical Monegasque follow-the-leader race, the variety of laps steadily increased until lap 13 when contact between Floersch, who was now given a 10-second penalty, and Sztuka resulted in race-ending damage to each competitors. , with the latter stopping on the track and causing one other safety automobile interruption.

After successfully negotiating a restart, Tsolov had a touching moment when he was investigated for failing to follow the race director's instructions regarding weaving through the restart.

The penalty for exceeding the designated point is five seconds. The margin was quickly instructed to withdraw to Tramnitz. However, with 4 laps left he could breathe easy when the stewards cleared him of any irregularities.

The effect of staying at the highest of the rankings is that Fornaroli stays in first place, although he has a reduced two-point lead over Browning, who finished one place ahead of his eighth-placed rival.


N. Tsolov Grand Prix of ART

25 23

T. Tramnitz MP Motorsport

7 23 4,300

L.Van Grand Prix of ART

24 23 0.800

N. Leon Van Amersfoort Racing

20 23 0.200

J. Locke Rodina Motorsports

31 23 1.100

M. Dye Campos Racing

12 23 0.400

D. Beganovic According to Powerteam

1 23 0.900

L. Browning Hitech Pulse-Osemka

14 23 4,900

L. Fornaroli Trident

4 23 0.300

O. Goethe Campos Racing

10 23 2,000

G. Minì According to Powerteam

2 23 0.400

C. Neighbor Rodina Motorsports

29 23 4.100

T. Smith Van Amersfoort Racing

22 23 0.700

M. Esterson Jenzer Motorsport

18 23 4,200

S. Ramos Trident

6 23 0.400

M. Stenshorne Hitech Pulse-Osemka

15 23 0.300

T. Inthrapuvasak PHM AIX Racing

26 23 2,400
18 Columbia S. Montoya Campos Racing 11 23 0.900

C. Root Jenzer Motorsport

17 23 0.700

J. Hedley Jenzer Motorsport

19 23 9,300

P. Wiśnicki Rodina Motorsports

thirty 23 8,000

S. Meguetounif Trident

5 20 Pension

N. Bedrin PHM AIX Racing

27 15 Pension
dnf Germany S. Flörsch Van Amersfoort Racing 21 13 Pension

K. Art MP Motorsport

8 12 Pension

A. Lindblad According to Powerteam

3 22 Accident

C. Mansell Grand Prix of ART

23 22 Accident

J. Dufka PHM AIX Racing

28 22 Accident

A. Dunne MP Motorsport

9 22 Accident

C. Shields Hitech Pulse-Osemka

16 22 Accident

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