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Pushing Red Bull to the curb won't compromise the F1's aerodynamic efficiency

The team from Milton Keynes faced two demanding trips in Monaco and Montreal, and the 2024 rival turned out to be not very comfortable in overcoming curbs and bumps.

The issue is known to be related to the aerodynamic platform, requiring the RB20 to be driven with stiff suspension settings that can’t be alleviated significantly without causing a lack of downforce.

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Red Bull is working on an answer that may give it a greater overall package, but it can likely take a while.

However, team principal Christian Horner believes there is no such thing as a reason why the answer ultimately implemented couldn’t still allow the RB20 to showcase its strengths.

He also said there have been already encouraging signs of progress from the team by way of Red Bull's speed in the ultimate sector of Montreal, which incorporates the ultimate high-curb chicane.

“Everything has to work in tandem, so you're pushing against the aerodynamic platform of the car, but you want the car to go over the curbs,” he explained. “It was encouraging that our third sector was competitive this weekend, even with the stiffness of the automobile hitting the ultimate chicane.

“If you take a look at the entire run. we were very competitive there. So despite the fact that it was uncomfortable, we were still capable of be fast enough.

“I think we're looking at real performance, so if we can unlock that, it will increase the lap time.”

Lando Norris, McLaren MCL38, Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing RB20

Lando Norris, McLaren MCL38, Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing RB20

Photo: Mark Sutton / Motorsport images

Verstappen was heard on team radio through the Canadian Grand Prix complaining that his suspension “felt stuck.”

Asked to make clear what the Dutchman meant, Horner said: “I believe what he meant was that the automobile is kind of stiff and because the track dries out the automobile goes a bit faster and so they start using the curbs.

“But we understand our problems and a few weeks ago we had a great improvement after the match against Monaco. Winning a race like this was very satisfying and important.”

Red Bull Racing's Max Verstappen, 1st, celebrates his arrival at Parc Ferme

Red Bull Racing's Max Verstappen, 1st, celebrates his arrival at Parc Ferme

Photo: Zak Mauger / Motorsport images

Speaking after the victory, Verstappen shared Horner's optimism that Red Bull would solve the issues without harming the RB20's strengths.

But at the identical time, he suggested it was flawed to suggest that Montreal showed that kerbing problems weren't that bad because a wet race meant most drivers steered clear of them.

“I really think we can solve this problem without affecting any other part of the car,” said the world champion. “Today it was more like a curb ride because I felt like that wasn't there within the race.

“We realize it's a weakness and I also know we're working hard to repair it because I actually feel it's quite a performance constraint for us in the intervening time.

“Then I'm also looking forward to tracks where we don't have to go over too many curbs or bumps.”

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